Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Frazzled Tuesday

Having a frazzled Tuesday? Listen to the below...one of the nicer renditions of Johann Pachelbel's Cannon in D....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Linux Turns 17 Today

Happy Birthday to the would be "David" in the epic battle with Goliath. David's 17 years old today. Momentum is building slowly but surely.

Linux Turns 17

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Refreshing Site of the Week

Came across this site whilst my daily stumbles across the net...very nice animation and the work thats gone into the piece is fantastic....

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Tyre Hunt Part II

Just to close up on the Tyre Hunt posting earlier, its over and well its actually been over for the past 2 months but i kept quiet on it as I wanted to scrub in the tyre's first and didnt want to jump the gun on the tyre performance first. So I finally settled for a set of Falkens FK452's with following staggered setup;

1. Front - 245/40/18
2. Rear - 265/35/18

These are some pictures of why I had to change my existing car tyre's, they were quite badly worn out and it was quite a surprise that they didn't run me off the road any earlier.

Front sets

Rear sets

Pretty badly worn out especially for the rear sets, looking at the thread wear on the insides of the rear typre's, I could see that the car is setup for a negative camber on the rear. A few days before finally deciding to swap out the old rubbers, I did a couple of FOT runs and the rears just couldn't grip the tarmac, my DSC indicator kept on blinking on and off, it was really time for a tyre change.

And below are the pictures of the new brand spanking sets of Falken FK452's manufactured in the early part of 2008.

Yummy....my only advice when running new rubber's, dont try doing any fancy turns and stuffs at least for the first 500km's as it takes time for the first layer of rubbers to wear off and never ever judge the tyre performance until you've used them at least for 1000km.

My comments on the tyre's after running them for the past 2-3 months, they are a good set of medium performance tyre's good for both usage in the wet and dry. In terms of road noise, due to the wider tyre profiles, its louder than normal but the tyre's give back in terms of road holding comfort. Not sure exactly what it is but it gives me supreme confidence when I'm piling on the kmph's. In summary, they are highly recommended for those on a budget and want performance orientated tyre's.